Will you be my mentor? That's the question from those who have read the Mentors' Playbook. In just 10 minutes you will learn the answer to that question and what you can do today to find the right mentor for you.


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2 years ago

Very interested in this line of thinking

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Ryan B
2 years ago

Let me be the first to comment here. I have been in the coaching and mentorship field for 10 years. I must admit I've never considered the spiritual angle. This is thought-provoking. What I've learned over the years boils down to 5 steps: Step1. List your assets (skills, resources, mindsets, knowledge, et al.) Step2. Create your wishlist of mentors. Step3. List their assets, compare with your assets. What do you have that they need? (Contribute to connect) Step4. Contribute to them at a high level without any expectations of return. Give give give. Give at a ratio of 100-0. You give everything, and expect nothing. Step5. If you do this properly, you will see a huge return.

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